Let your kids experience the joy of comfortable, breathable sleep


Let Your Kids Sleep in Comfort and Style

Our stylish sleepwears are made with the finest breathable cotton fabrics. We know that children have unique tastes for styles and interests even at a young age. We made sure that we have a wide variety of designs such as cutesy patterns, fine animal prints, delicate florals, dashing abstracts, vibrant colours, and soothing pastel tones. We simply want your child to have the best quality sleepwear.


Our Story

How Corals & Pebbles Began?

Corals and Pebbles sleepwear are aesthetically handmade using premium 100% natural cotton fabric, quality materials, and fine detailing done by our skillful artisans. Our posh brand was founded by a mother of two pretty girls based in Singapore. Before she began this venture, she often struggled to find sleepwear for her little ones considering the quality, affordability, comfort, fit, and design. Since then, she has committed herself to producing our custom-made jammies. We have been producing premium, high-quality sleepwear for the past two years. We have many happy customers who have simply loved how their kids sleep soundly in a Corals and Pebbles sleepwear.

While the last two years have been an interesting journey, our primary goal continues to be to create high-quality, sustainable sleepwear for children of all ages. Our designs are not unisex and vary for girls and boys, bringing the right feel. From the threads to packaging, every process has been thought out precisely. We have chosen to be a 100% sustainable brand that promotes minimal to zero negative impact on our environment. Our brand also values and supports local artisans from Asia.

Our Mission

Our brand wishes to emphasize the importance of sleepwear awareness. Sleep is vital for children's growth and development. The clothes that children wear for bedtime can impact the quality of their sleep. The most crucial factor to consider when choosing sleepwear for children is the fabric. Using natural cotton in sleepwear ensures that your children will be comfortable in their slumber.

Corals and Pebbles sleepwear is made of 100% cotton that is natural, breathable, lightweight, and soft. We also use natural dye for our patterns and designs. Every stitch in our sleepwear carries our intent to make bedtime an exciting experience that you can bond over with your kids. We hope that our products can aid families in assuring that their children are comfortable and calm while they sleep.


We create handmade sleepwears for your children to wear comfortably.

Over the years, we have mastered using sustainable premium cotton fabrics to craft comfortable sleepwear for our trusted customers. Our local artisans use high-quality stitching to put the sleepwear together, and our patterns are block-printed on the fabric with natural dye. We have a variety of designs exclusive for boys and girls. We have polka-dots, animal prints, and car prints in various colors and sizes. Our products also come in sustainable packaging to match our company's values.

Corals and Pebbles’ purpose is to have sleepwear awareness in every family.

Sleeping is a critical contributor to a child’s development. Their sleepwear plays a crucial role in their quality of sleep. Proper sleepwear will aid in regulating a child's body temperature and keep them comfortable at night. Choosing the right jammies can also improve their mental health. The fun designs and colors can spark joy in their hearts, especially if they have a variety to choose from.

Sleepwear Awareness is all about considering the factors above when purchasing sleepwear for your children.

Why We Call Ourselves "Corals and Pebbles"

I have always loved how corals and pebbles look. There are many varieties with unique characteristics and that is what I want my brand to be. I want to create more designs and colors in our sleepwear collection to add more fun to children's bedtime. I hope choosing from our many designs will turn into a bonding moment between families in their night routine.