Grey Panda Paws Slumber set Boys'Sleepwear
Grey Panda Paws Slumber set Boys'Sleepwear

Grey Panda Paws Slumber set Boys'Sleepwear

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Introducing our delightful boys' pajama set, where comfort meets imagination. Crafted with care, this set features an adorable panda and rainbow print against a soothing grey backdrop. Made from 100% natural cotton, the fabric ensures a gentle touch on the skin and guarantees a comfortable night's sleep.

Designed to tackle hot and humid weather, these pajamas are the epitome of breathability. The lightweight and soft cotton allows air to circulate freely, keeping your little one cool and comfortable all night long. Whether it's bedtime stories or dream-filled adventures, our pajama set provides the perfect blend of coziness and style. Embrace bedtime with sleepwear that's as light as a breeze, ensuring restful sleep even on the warmest nights.

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  • Made from 100% pure cotton that is breathable, porous, lightweight and soft
  • Full-sleeve top with relaxed band collar. We also added a pocket for extra cuteness!
  • The front has matching trims and buttons that open up to make it easier to put on.


  • Has a soft elasticated waist and features a cute bow in the center. The legs are flared to provide more comfort during sleep.

    *For washing instructions, please refer to our FAQs here.